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Low Rez is a male community choir and welcomes all singers 18 years and over regardless of their ethnicity, religion, cultural heritage, ability and sexual orientation.

Low Rez has new member intakes throughout the year and invites anyone interested to participate in a four-week trial period singing with the choir.

During these first four weeks, you will be provided with sheet music during rehearsal and will have a chance to have a taste of what Low REZ is all about. While we do not have a formal audition, our musical director will run a voice test to determine which section suits your voice best. 

Should you decide to join Low Rez at the end of the four weeks, you will be given access to our member website where all of the sheet music is available for download so you can bring it with you to each rehearsal. We also work towards having practice tracks and singalong tracks for the songs to assist learning the music, especially for those that can’t read sheet music.

We don't usually accept new members from July to September as we will be busy preparing for our major concert and we don’t want you to be too overwhelmed at the rehearsals. Still sign up and we can let you know when you can come along and check out one of our rehearsals.

It's okay if you don't know or get it wrong, our Musical Director will check which section is most suitable for you during the trial period
Anything else you'd like to add to your application can be written here.